"I've selected a few of my favourite jewellery items from the current collections. Here you'll find out details about the jewellery, and why they're some of my most cherished pieces."

- Cassandra Bassett, Owner of Fou Jewellery


"This unisex pendant is one of my absolute favourites! It has been cast from a real, dead stag beetle and has incredibly fine details around the body and head.

It also features tiny, natural imperfections which I think make this piece really unique. 


I gave the beetle an oxidised and brushed/matte finish to bring out as much detail as possible, and to give the piece a contemporary feel.

I tend to style this piece with a black dress or top, as the contrast of the pendant against the dark fabric really makes the beetle stand out.

All of my beetles are sourced from Katie VanBlaricum at www.etsy.com/uk/shop/InsectArt."

"This ring is one of my most recent creations for the new Species range. I was inspired by the beautiful textures and forms of reptiles.

The lovely flowing shape of this piece creates an overall elegant look, yet the reptile skin design gives the ring an edgy style.


I love wearing this piece either on its own, or stacked up with more interlocking reptile rings for more of a statement look."

"I love, love, love these earrings! They have a really sleek, and contemporary look and always attract lots of attention. I wear mine almost every day as they go with practically any outfit.

They also look incredibly elegant when worn with evening wear, whilst presenting a chic and edgy aesthetic.

The light reflects beautifully off the tactile forms, making them truly striking. The horns have been cast from a real, large stag beetle sourced from InsectArt."

"This gothic ring features a small and large skull on an open band. I love wearing this piece with other calvariam rings,as they slot together to create a really interesting look. The ring is also super comfortable as it is adjustable.

The overall design is quite contemporary, and it makes a real statement. It always gets lots of attention whenever I wear it!"

"I chose an item from the Sylvestris Collection as one of my favourites as I really love the contrasting polished and matte finish on the toadstools, as well as the bright gold finish.

They are surprisingly elegant, and actually quite delicate looking despite being made from solid sterling with a decent weight to them.

The contemporary style of these earrings works really well with my outfits as I tend to wear a lot of black, and I've paired them nicely with casual day-wear as well as dressy evening-wear."